Our Code of Ethics

Written by David Pereira

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

August 17, 2023

Unfortunately, the Rent To Own concept has a bad reputation that’s well-deserved. There are many stories of scam artists that have cheated people of their life savings. Just google “Rent To Own Scam”. It’s shocking and sad.

Over the course of 20+ year careers, we have strived to earn a reputation of high integrity. No money in the world is worth tarnishing that reputation.

We decided to write down our values as it applies to our Rent To Own business so that you know what to expect when working with us.

Anyone can write a nice blog post called “Our Code of Ethics” but not actually practice what they preach. We invite you to speak to any of our tenant buyers, investors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, property managers and credit counselors to confirm this is how we conduct ourselves.

Mission: Our goal is to help deserving families earn homeownership while rewarding our investors with a truly passive investing experience and a healthy ROI.

We believe in creating a positive and fair environment for everyone involved. Our code of ethics is based on the following values:

  1. Everybody Wins:
    • We prioritize fairness and seek win-win solutions where everyone is happy with the outcome
  1. Do What’s Right:
    • We assess situations and aim to act or advise in a manner that best serves the client, even if that means recommending someone to pursue a different strategy than Rent To Own
  1. Tenant First, Not Property First:
    • Our process starts with qualifying the tenant buyer, not the property. This means we don’t have property carrying costs, therefore we don’t have to make rushed, potentially regrettable, decisions 
  1. Predictability:
    • Our business model and project management is aimed at delivering predictability throughout the term for all stakeholders when it comes to fee amounts, payment schedules and expectations
  2. Transparency:
    • We calculate all numbers and schedules prior to day 1 and put them in the appropriate contracts, which we encourage stakeholders to review with their lawyers
  3. Communication
    • We respond promptly and professionally to inquiries and concerns and are proactive with communicating to our stakeholders
  4. Problem Solving
    • If an issue arises, we take an approach of “how can we solve this problem in a fair manner that’s fair to everyone”

By adhering to this concise and friendly Code of Ethics, we aim to build trust and a positive reputation as a Rent-to-Own operating business that prioritizes the well-being of our tenants, property owners, and the community.

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